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Fearlessly Biblical Resources for Churches and Individuals
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All Scripture is God-breathed.

Culture continues to careen down the slippery slope of depravity and churches, in increasing numbers, are abandoning the Bible as the Word of God. When the people of God abandon the only authoritative source of truth, we can expect culture around us to crumble. This is not new and neither is the solution. Be bold, Christian. Lead your group fearlessly book-by-book through the Bible. Fathers, saturate your homes in spiritual leadership through the Word. Here is how:

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Jesse Campbell is the Founding Pastor of The Redemption Church in Washington. He is the author of the corporately published "I'm A Christian - Now What?," "365 Devos for Guys: Man Up to Your Faith," and "What it Means to Be A Christian" for the B&H Publishing Group. Formerly, Jesse was the Lead Pastor of Highlands Community Church with campuses in Renton and Kent, Washington. Prior to that, he wrote for and managed LifeWay's "Explore the Bible" brand of expository Bible study. Jesse's articles have appeared in Facts & Trends, Outreach,, Boundless, and more.

Jesse earned his doctorate from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and his bachelor's degree in Percussion Performance from the Florida State University. He teaches the Bible in a mostly expository approach that is infused with humorous personal stories, accessible intellectual demand, and deeply engaging challenge. He has taught at special events in several countries including The Moody Pastors Conference and the Northwest Ministry Conference.

 (Jesse is also an endorsed and published professional drummer. A three year veteran of the Boston Crusaders and former captain of FSU's Big 8 Drumline, he has performed and recorded with various artists including Enrique Iglesias and at venues including Universal Studios.)

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If you have questions about God and want to ask them in an open, safe space, then come to The Table. If you are curious, agnostic, skeptical, or just new to Christianity, join our friendly team via Zoom. We curate a series of very brief videos by Dr. Jesse Campbell and discuss them over the course of five weeks, doing our best to answer your big questions for God as we go. Zero pressure, infinite love. Come to The Table, friends.


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