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God used this series mightily to save souls when it was first experienced at The Redemption Church. Even as its corresponding sermons were delivered with a primary focus on equipping Christians to share their faith, yet-believers in attendance heard the gospel and were drawn upon by the Holy Spirit to confess Jesus as Lord.


At its core is a classic biblical approach to explaining the gospel empowered by the Holy Spirit. Equip your group to explain salvation straight from Scripture, fasting and praying for a miraculous outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We begin by acknowledging the primacy of the Spirit in revival and we end lifting our eyes to the horizon where distant shores need the gospel too.


This series works well in conjunction with "Reason for Hope" which inspires groups to practice presuppositional apologetics. Find your digital or print copies today at


Download and distribute an unlimited number of Leader Guides and Member Guides for use during the study for your group. Order printed copies via Amazon and, while we would love for other churches to hear how this study blesses your group, please invite them to purchase as well.

Behold the Harvest: 6 Evangelism Training Sessions for Groups

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