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There exists a framework for families that has proven itself for millennia.


We have been given from on high:

  • demanding job descriptions for husbands

  • high callings for brides

  • perfect expectations for children

  • Beautiful gifts for the single

  • New hopes for the widowed


This framework has not been kept a secret. In fact, it comes with patent obviousness from the best-selling book in the world. 


A culture that is attempting in vain to deconstruct gender, undefine marriage, assail masculinity, abolish femininity, sexualize children, and normalize pedophilia while condemning God’s Word is doomed. These are not new ideas. They were the anthems and passion cries of Sodom and Gomorrah and every other ancient culture in its late stages. Woe to us as a society for we have called goodness “evil” and called evil “good.”


In a world gone mad, it becomes radical to speak basic truths. So, let us be radical. These are the ancient texts of the Bible which provide a framework for families. Though it is called “extreme,” let us reshape our families to fit the perfect biblical framework. 


Let us become “radical” families.

Radical Family

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