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The Israelites' faces were still wet with the tears they cried for Moses when Joshua was called to inherit the heavy mantle of leadership. Over and again, he was called by both God and the Israelites to be strong and courageous. It was his time. That Joshua would share Jesus' name is no coincidence - it is divine prophecy. Israel's most prosperous times were always when they were most closely aligned with God's Word. This is also not coincidence. Behold Israel's golden era of godly conquest in the Book of Joshua and see your group answer your own shared call to strength and courage.

These eight in-depth expository Bible study sessions with gut-check-level discussion questions will challenge your group to the next level of strength and courage. This study is not for the half-hearted. It requires daily devotions (provided) and weekly sermons (provided by Dr. Jesse Campbell). Move verse-by-verse through one of the clearest examples of Jesus foreshadowed in all the Old Testament.

Strength and Courage: The Book of Joshua for Groups

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