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This is what happens. These are the fruits of our relativism. When we all do what is right in our own eyes, people get hurt. Sexual crimes skyrocket and people die. It has always happened this way. It has never happened a different way. We are naturally depraved and our depravity left unchecked results in the same mundane sex and death every single time.


In modern culture, we are not innovators. This is nothing new. This has all been done so many times before that it's pathetic. We are replicating the playbook of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are reliving the Book of Judges over and over again.


How about a revival instead? Take your group through the Book of Judges with Dr. Jesse Campbell by combining this curriculum with its daily devotions and weekly sermons. See the mirror reflecting culture's inane depravity and find a better way through Jesus. It does not have to go this way. We can careen down the slippery slope, or we can turn to Christ and experience revival!

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Failure, Lust, & Loss: The Book of Judges

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