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Seven hundred years before the birth of Christ, Isaiah saw God. Prophet to the Kings of Judah, Isaiah spoke on God's behalf to foretell the story of Israel exactly as it has happened historically, to describe the life and ministry of Jesus exactly as it unfolded, and to predict what will happen in the end times. Our position in history allows us to see the sovereign hand of God at work prophesying what He would do and then accomplishing it. Only the Bible, the inerrant Word of God, chronicles perfect prophecy and fulfillment. Isaiah's impressive prophecy-fulfillment rate is not complete; this ancient Book is still being fulfilled.


Come to the table of biblical prophecy and feast, applying your life to this Holy Spirit-inspired text alongside your group or family. Align your group's daily devotions in Isaiah and then bring your questions to the group setting, drawing upon the in-depth sermons in Isaiah provided by Dr. Jesse Campbell. The combination of these sermons, sessions, and devotions will take your group verse-by-verse through Isaiah when continued through Part 2. Things will never be the same again!


Couple this series with "Fulfillment: The Gospel of Matthew for Groups" by JCM to see an even broader picture of how God does absolutely everything He says He will do.


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Isaiah: Holy Dissident - A Group Study (Part 1)

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