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Jesus and Jesus alone is the fulfillment of every Old Testament promise. In Him and in Him alone can we find fulfillment for the purpose of our souls. The Gospel of Matthew, synoptic with Mark and Luke, shows how Jesus embodies every messianic prophecy and it is beautiful to behold. Invite your group to experience this Gospel; applying your lives to the text alongside one another. Invite those in your life far from God to behold how Jesus is the fulfillment of all of God's prophecies.


This resource includes all Matthew Part 2 Member Guides and Leader Guides. Combine these with the sermons preached by Pastor Jesse Campbell as well as the 120 daily devotions recorded and produced specifically for this series (parts I and II) and you will have taken your group VERSE-BY-VERSE through the Gospel of Matthew.


Access all of Dr. Jesse Campbell's unflinchingly expository Bible resources in a free 30 day trial at

Fulfillment: The Gospel of Matthew for Groups Part2

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