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She was surrounded, outnumbered, and bold. She was beautiful. She was one of God's people and she found herself forcibly drafted to the queen's throne of Persia just in-time to save her people from a massive genocide. She risked everything. She was Esther.


God's people are outnumbered. Our depraved culture as all but officially fired God and we are careening wildly down the slippery slope. We need Esther now more than ever. Esther risked her life. Will the members of your group risk an awkward social encounter for the sake of the gospel? Will they put their professional good-standing on the line? Esther risked everything. Your group should too.


Combine this study guide with its accompanying daily devotions and in-depth sermons by Dr. Jesse Campbell. Apply your lives to the text of Esther together. Risk everything...together. God loves an underdog.

Esther: Risk Everything: A Group Study

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