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What would you write to your protégé as you knew the end of your life was approaching? The Spirit of God inspired these three letters through the Apostle Paul to pastors Timothy and Titus, but the content addresses every single member of every single member of the Christian Church, covering:

  • Exactly what God said regarding women in church
  • The origins of Scripture itself and what we do with it
  • The standards to which all pastors and deacons are called
  • Precisely God's desire regarding salvation for the lost

Open the Bible and let God speak for himself. Watch the sermons and devotions, gather your group, and apply your life shoulder-to-shoulder to some of the most controversial passages in the Bible. Even the difficult texts are inspired by God. Even the standards for pastors call everyday church members higher. These are Paul's Holy Spirit-inspired letters to his sons in the faith. These are the Pastoral Epistles; 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus.

Letters to my Sons: The Pastoral Epistles for Groups

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